Protect and Promote the Human Rights Act

Responding to reports that the Human Rights Act 1998 is about to be abolished by the newly elected UK Government, the Human Rights Consortium Scotland (HRCS) called for any such plans to be dropped. Creating a new Bill of Rights is a diversion from the real problem which is ensuring that people across the UK enjoy and understand their human rights on a daily basis.

Carole Ewart Co-ordinator of the HRCS said today:

“The Act has still to reach its potential in everyday places and situations across the UK. Our human rights should not become a political football.   Instead the focus should be on ensuring that existing rules are followed, and they matter especially if you feel vulnerable such as in a care home.

“The Act places obligations on Government and all our public authorities to respect human rights in the design, delivery and funding of public services within the UK so that the outcomes are better for people in everyday situations and places. Such obligations uphold UK values of fairness, respect and dignity. They certainly do not undermine our traditions.”

The HRCS also believes that there is no appetite for reform of the HRA in Scotland.

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