Public Information Campaign Launched

The Scottish Government has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of human rights for everyone.  Fly the Flag for Human Rights #FlyTheFlag  is designed to help people better understand how human rights are relevant, used on a day to day basis and how they help build a fairer and more progressive society.

The HRCS has published information on the practical benefits of human rights and how they fit in with everyday life in Scotland.  See our Article 10 project materials at

The public information campaign coincides with the launch of new research carried out by You Gov that has shown that one in five Scots believe that human rights are for minority groups only. The online survey of 1026 interviews,  of people aged 18+, show that  44% say they have no bearing on their everyday life, 67 % agree they are a positive thing, and that they’d take action (68 per cent) if they felt their rights had been violated.

This survey is disappointing but reinforces previous findings.

We all have a role to share what we know about human rights and encourage people to think positively about how human rights can be respected, protected and fulfilled to make Scotland fairer.

For more information see the Scottish Government Human Rights Campaign Toolkit The campaign will run from 18th November until International Human Rights Day on 10th December. For more information go to

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