Calls for inquiry into child abuse in Scottish football

Amidst high profile allegations and confessions of child abuse in the context of football, some MSPs including Kezia Dugdale have called for the current inquiry into childhood abuse to be widened.  Currently the inquiry is solely on in-case abuse but some want the inquiry widened to take into account all childhood abuse, including in sports clubs, schools etc.  However, the First Minister has rejected these calls, stating that it would only serve to lengthen the inquiry and make it too unwieldy.

Meanwhile, there have been calls from a leading civil rights lawyer Raju Bhatt, for a specific inquiry into child abuse in Scottish football.  He has said that a failure to do so would be a betrayal of the victims.  The Scottish Football Association are due to meet with Police Scotland to discuss allegations of child abuse within the sport.

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Image credit: The Skint Dad Blog, CC BY 2.0

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