Right to family life breached

A local council who took a newborn baby boy from his parents violated their human right to family life and a fair trial, a judge has ruled.

Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire applied to a court for permission to take the baby away from his parents when he was just 7 days old – the same day the family were due to take him home from hospital. The council said they were concerned about the baby’s long-term care needs, in particular the father’s “unorthodox” views on formula milk and bottle sterilisation.

The baby was returned to his parents over two months later after the Local Authority accepted that taking him from his parents was not justified.

The parents took the Local Authority back to court, asking for compensation for breach of their human rights. Judge Cobb said in the High Court there was “no doubt” their human rights to a family life and fair trial had been violated, adding the council has even “misled” court.

Read more: http://rightsinfo.org/human-rights-family-life-baby-milk/

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