Scotland to have a right to social security

Social security as a human right will be enshrined in the foundation and functions of Scotland’s new social security agency.

The overwhelming majority of respondents to the social security consultation backed the principles of fairness, dignity and respect being built into the agency from day one.

The human right to social security will be on the face of the Bill which will be introduced to parliament in June, and an early action from the consultation will see those principles reflected in a charter.

Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman made the announcement in a statement to the Scottish Parliament where she also responded to Research Scotland’s independent report into the consultation. She said:

“There was clear support for our commitment to a rights based approach and continuing Scotland’s longstanding tradition of support for human rights, which is why we will enshrine these principles in the new system’s legislation.

“We are taking this further by including a charter within the Bill – it strengthens our guarantee by going beyond warm words and creating a binding contract between the system and the people who use it.

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