New ‘Named Person’ Bill to be introduced

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A new Bill to introduce a named person for every child within information-sharing laws will be introduced before the Scottish Parliament’s summer recess, Deputy First Minister John Swinney has announced.

The named person provision, brought in as part of the 2014 Children and Young People Act, was successfully challenged at the UK Supreme Court last year, where judges ruled it was incompatible with the right to privacy.

Although the aim of the scheme was legitimate, judges said, the Scottish Government was given 42 days to amend the data-sharing elements of the legislation.

Swinney instead opted to stop the commencement of the scheme and consult on secondary legislation.

Swinney told MSPs that only information which “promotes, supports or safeguards” wellbeing of the child will be shared between professionals.

“Young people and families should have confidence that information will be shared only where this can be done in a manner which respects their rights under data protection law, human rights and the law of confidentiality,” he said.

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Image credit: dun_deagh, CC BY-SA 2.0

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