Scottish Government may need to review air pollution strategy, warns environmental lawyer

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Following the UK government’s defeat in an air pollution case at the high court last week, an environmental lawyer has warned the Scottish Government it may need to review its’ own strategy.
The European Commission issued Westminster a ‘final warning’ over illegal levels of air pollution back in February after a case brought by Client Earth. The UK governments repeated attempts to delay publication until after the general election have earned it a final warning.
The appeal by UK ministers to delay draft guidelines came days before the original deadline of 24th April, with government lawyers arguing the release would fall foul of “purdah” rules, representing a “controversial bomb” for the Government.
In light of this, Anna Heslop, a lawyer from Client Earth, warned the Scottish Government that the decision could have implications for the country’s ‘Cleaner Air for Scotland’ plan.
Speaking in front of the Scottish Parliament Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform committee, Ms Heslop said: “I am very surprised that, following the High Court judgement in November last year, there was no review of the Scottish plan. I very much hope that Scottish Government ministers have been discussing with their colleagues at Westminster what ought to go into the new, revised air quality plan, but I am not aware of what has been going on behind the scenes.”
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Image credit:  Stanley Zimney, Flickr 

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