UK record on rights reviewed by the UN

Credit sanjitbakshi, CC 2.0

On 4th May, the UK Government went before the UN Human Rights Council to answer questions about its human rights record. Representatives from countries all over the world are able to ask one or two questions of the UK, suggesting recommendations that they should take on board.

Some of the key issues were around the need for the UK, including Scotland, to agree to international treaties such as the convention on the protection of migrant workers and their families, conventions on protecting children and preventing violence against women, and to incorporate the UNCRC in domestic law.   Other issues raised included: equal protection for children; raising the age of criminal responsibility; trafficking; the gender pay gap; attitudes towards immigrants; hate crime; the rights of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, amongst many others. There was a strong message for the UK not to lessen the rights protections due to Brexit or any other legislative change, and the importance of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The UK Government, with Scottish Government input, will now consider the UN recommendations and respond to them by the Autumn.
To find out more, HRCS members are invited to the HRCS roundtable event on 29th June. Or contact HRCS on for a handy summary of the recommendations or read them in full here.




Image credit: sanjitbakshi, flickr

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