Theresa May faces criticism on human rights comments

Man holding cardboard paper with HUMAN RIGHTS title

Organisations concerned with rights have strongly criticised Theresa May for her comments on changing human rights law.

In response to questioning around measures to prevent terrorism, Theresa May said “We should do even more to restrict the freedom and the movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they present a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court.

“And if human rights laws get in the way of doing these things, we will change those laws to make sure we can do them.”

Responding to Theresa May’s comments about changing human rights laws, Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International UK section, said:

“Theresa May’s comments are reckless and misinformed.

“This is exactly the time that human rights must be protected and cherished, not attacked and undermined.

“Amnesty International will not stand by silently when threats are made to ‘rip up human rights laws’. Human rights are there to protect all in society – that is just pure common sense.

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