Charity says carers may be infringing upon the rights of people with learning disabilities

Carers who are too efficient may be violating the human rights of the person they care for, a charity has said.

C-Change Scotland said that some family members are doing too much for their loved ones, which robs them of independence and self-determination.

The charity, which runs the Dates ‘n’ Mates events in Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Aberdeen, says people with learning disabilities often haven’t been given sexual health messages and are discouraged from enjoying dates and friendships with the opposite sex.

It says family members can also infringe on a person’s rights in everyday ways by choosing their clothes and their activities.

C-Change works with individuals and families to reset that balance and to provide individuals with a risk assessment which more realistically balances the need to be safe with the right to have an independent life.

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Image credit: Howard Lake, flickr CC By-SA CC 2.0

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