Costs of going to court examined by Parliament Committee

Ways to deal with the potential negative impact of court costs is to be examined by Holyrood’s Justice Committee as it begins its scrutiny of the Civil Litigation Bill.

The aim of the Bill is to improve access to justice in the civil courts by making the costs associated with bringing a civil action, such as suing a body or individual for personal injury, more predictable and more affordable. One of the major changes it proposes is to allow fees payable under ‘no win, no fee’ type arrangements to be capped.

The Bill also implements many of other the recommendations made by the Taylor Review in 2013, including proposals ending the obligation to pay your opponent’s legal costs if you are unsuccessful in some personal injury claims, and introducing the possibility of bringing ‘group proceedings’ for people with similar claims.

The Justice Committee have called for evidence on the bill to be submitted by 18th August.

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Image credit: Beth Cortez-Neaval, Flickr 

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