Health and sport budget – comments by 26th July

Holyrood’s Health and Sport Committee is looking to provide an opportunity for people to have their say on spending priorities before the Scottish Government publishes its draft budget later this year.


Responses are invited on the following questions:

  • Do you consider that the Scottish Government’s health and sport budget for 2017-18 reflects its stated priorities (as set out in the National Performance Framework, the LDP standards and the National health and wellbeing outcomes)? If not, how could the budget be adjusted to better reflect priorities?
  • For the health and sport budget for 2018-19 where do you suggest any additional resources could be most effectively deployed and where could any further savings be found? What evidence supports your views?
  • Is sufficient information available to support scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s health and sport budget?  If not, what additional information would help support budget scrutiny?
  • What impact has the integration of health and social care budgets had on ensuring resources are directed at achieving the Scottish Government’s desired outcomes?


Read the Call for Evidence here: