New report highlights impact of welfare reform on disabled people

Around 30,000 people in Scotland could lose entitlement to disability benefits, once the full rollout of the UK Government’s Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is complete.

A new report ‘Impact of UK Welfare Policy on Disabled People’ examines the consequences of recent UK Government welfare policy changes on disabled people. For example, the introduction of PIP and cuts to Employment and Support Allowance.

The main findings include:

  • Between 7000 to 10000 disabled people per year are set to be affected by the removal of the work related activity component of Employment and Support Allowance
  • 40,000 disabled people claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) have been affected by the bedroom tax
  • Around 30,000 disabled people could lose entitlement to non-means tested disability benefits due to re-assessment to PIP

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Image credit: Chris Potter, Flickr 

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