Asylum seekers are being refused services

Balloons with words refugees welcome on them

Vulnerable asylum seekers in Scotland are not getting the services they are entitled to because of the lack of support, advice and resources available to the social workers responsible for helping them.

The Scottish Association of Social Work and UNISON have launched a guide, titled, ‘Refuge and Asylum in Scotland: Social work support, a human right not an administrative burden’, to help fill this gap in knowledge and provide social workers at all levels with information and legal advice on the services that those seeking asylum in Scotland need.

Amongst those being refused support are – concerningly – children. Many arrive unaccompanied, often through illegal trafficking, whilst others come with their families or through government relocation schemes. All require varying degrees of support.

Tim Parkinson, SASW, said: “It’s really important that social workers at all levels are fully informed about relevant legislation and people’s rights in all situations. They have a responsibility in their code of practice and professional ethics, to make the right professional decisions and to work with their employers to enable people’s rights and entitlements”.

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