Women in their 20s are earning less than men, and the gap gets wider with age

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According to data released to mark Equal Pay Day, the average pay gap for full-time workers currently stands at 14.1% as a national UK average, and 11.1% in Scotland– where it has been since 2015.

Gender equality campaigners The Fawcett Society warned that progress on pay equality has stalled for three years, after a long period of improvement.

The pay gap gets wider as women grow older – 22-29 year olds in full-time work have a gap of 5.5% from their male counterparts, which widens to 18.6% by their 50s.  They say their research suggests that despite younger women having a “smaller pay gap at the moment as they age … their pay gap will widen”.

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-41805053



Image credit: Thomas’s pics, Flickr 

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