Women in their 20s are earning less than men, and the gap gets wider with age

According to data released to mark Equal Pay Day, the average pay gap for full-time workers currently stands at 14.1% as a national UK average, and 11.1% in Scotland– where it has been since 2015.

Gender equality campaigners The Fawcett Society warned that progress on pay equality has stalled for three years, after a long period of improvement.

The pay gap gets wider as women grow older – 22-29 year olds in full-time work have a gap of 5.5% from their male counterparts, which widens to 18.6% by their 50s.  They say their research suggests that despite younger women having a “smaller pay gap at the moment as they age … their pay gap will widen”.

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Image credit: Thomas’s pics, Flickr