Raising concerns about Brexit’s impact on our rights

The Civil Society Brexit Project – a collaboration between the HRCS and SULNE – has submitted evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights on concerns about the EU Withdrawal Bill’s potential impact on human rights.

The Project’s submission summarised the main concerns raised by participants in regional ‘Brexit means what?’ events held in the Autumn 2017.  These include concerns about the loss of rights under the Charter of Fundamental Rights such as wider data protection rights, a right to asylum, a right to education and an overarching right to non-discrimination.  It also highlights major concerns about the impact of Brexit changes on particularly vulnerable EU citizens in Scotland and the need for advocacy services to protect their rights.

You can read the submission here.

In addition, the Project wrote to the Scottish Parliament Equality and Human Rights Committee to contribute to their consideration of Brexit implications, to explain about the Project, and to highlight key concerns.

You can read this evidence here.


Image credit: Robdeman, flickr 

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