Summary of 3rd sector event on Business and Human Rights

Man holding cardboard paper with HUMAN RIGHTS title

In June 2017, GCVS, Voluntary Action Scotland and the Scottish Council on Deafness held an event on business and human rights in Scotland.  They have now produced a report on key sisues raised, including:

  • Scotland can learn from other countries and adopt best practice examples as a basis for developing a unique National Action Plan on business and Human Rights that meets Scottish needs;
  • Public procurement has to be used far more effectively;
  • Understanding Human Rights was key to the process: Efforts must be made to help citizens, staff, businesses and organisations across all sectors understand Human Rights, because it is only when there was greater knowledge and shared understanding about Human Rights in Scotland would a NAP be able to be fully adopted and implemented with success.
  • The NAP should prioritise initiatives to support and encourage good practice: to enable the private, third sector and public sectors to can better connect with service users, and communicate about quality and standards in a supportive environment which is underpinned by a commitment to progress the UNGPs.

You can read the full report here.

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