New Scots strategy sets out support for refugees

A saltire flag against a blue and cloudy sky Image credit: Craig Chew-Moulding, Flickr

Hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers have helped develop a new strategy to support those seeking safety in Scotland.

The New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy, which has been endorsed by UNHCR, the United Nations’ Refugee Agency, sets out a vision for how Scotland can welcome and support people to rebuild their lives from the day they arrive.

More than 700 refugees and asylum seekers were part of 2,000 people involved in the development of the strategy.

Sabir Zazai, Chief Executive of the Scottish Refugee Council, said:

“The new Scots who live and work among us bring a wealth of experience and talent to Scotland and the new strategy will help us unlock and develop that potential.

“At the end of the day these refugees will be our neighbours, our colleagues and our customers. We don’t want them to live in poverty, we want them to prosper and be proud of their own identities, proud of being Scottish, proud of being new Scots.”

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Image credit: Craig Chew-Moulding CC by 2.0, Flickr

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