Extension of EHRC Legal Support Project

The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland is extending the Legal Support Project for cases in Scotland.

The Legal Support Project initially focused on discrimination in education. The project is now offering support with claims of discrimination relating to services, public functions and premises in Scotland.

If you have experienced discrimination relating to services, public functions or premises in Scotland, or are an advisor acting on behalf of someone in these circumstances, we may be able to help by:

  • offering funding to solicitors running such cases
  • providing legal assistance with the help of our own discrimination lawyers
  • offering funding to cover certain outlays, such as obtaining medical reports

You can contact the EHRC Scotland legal team at: legalrequestscotland@equalityhumanrights.com or Tel: 0141 228 5951 to find out more.




Image credit: Beth Cortez-Neaval, Flickr

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