Steps to reduce child poverty

The Poverty & Inequality Commission have published 40 recommendations on how the Scottish Government can reduce child poverty in line with the targets set for 2030.

The report sets out the Commission’s view on actions that are most likely to make an impact on the targets, and actions that will improve the quality of life for children who are experiencing poverty.

Some key recommendations included:

  • The Delivery Plan should set child poverty in the context of human rights, and particularly the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • The Commission believes that investment in social security is needed if the targets are to be met. The Delivery Plan should set out the extent to which the Scottish Government intends to use Social Security powers to meet the child poverty targets.
  • The Delivery Plan should explore ways of reducing housing costs for families with children living in poverty.

Read the report here:




Image credit: Pat Joyce, Flickr 

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