*NEW* Brexit Information Series for NGOs in Scotland

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The Civil Society Brexit Project has published new comprehensive guides for civil society on the likely impact of Brexit on different types of rights.  These briefings provide up-to-date accessible information about the ins and outs of Brexit and are essential reading for anyone interested in this area in civil society in Scotland.

These briefings are clear about what we know, and what we don’t know yet, around Brexit implications.


Maria Fletcher, director of SULNE and senior lecturer of European Law at Glasgow University, said:

‘We can all feel a bit baffled by Brexit because the process is very fast and complex. That’s why the Civil Society Brexit Project has published a range of new briefings to make sure that organisations have the information that they need to understand the process and the potential implications of Brexit.’


You can view the information briefings here:

You can request paper copies of the briefings, or ask for advice or training on Brexit issues, at hrcscotland@gmail.com


The Civil Society Brexit Project is a partnership between the Human Rights Consortium Scotland and SULNE, funded by the Legal Education Foundation. You can find more information about the Project at http://www.hrcscotland.org/brexit




Image credit: Matti Mattila, Flickr

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