Brexit showdown on the cards

Blue EU flag with stars

The Scottish Parliament has voted against giving legislative consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill.

The Scottish Government and the majority of the Scottish Parliament object to aspects of this Bill which return crucial areas of EU law in areas of devolved competence directly to the UK Government for 7 years.  This would stop the Scottish Parliament from being able to legislate in these areas for this time.

Many of these debated areas of law would also impact upon equality and human rights.  The Human Rights Consortium Scotland will shortly provide a briefing on this issue -get in touch at if you would like more information.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court will hear the UK Government’s challenge to the Scottish Parliament’s Continuity Bill from 24-25 July.  Hearings will take place before five or seven justices to establish whether the Bill is within Scotland’s devolved competencies.

You can read the Civil Society Brexit Project briefing on the Continuity Bill here.



Image credit: Matti Mattila, Flickr

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