Trade Bill – issues & opportunities, 31st August, Edinburgh

The Trade Bill is both fairly simple in its aim and potentially far-reaching in its implications.  The Bill raises issues such as: parliamentary scrutiny of trade deals & legislative changes; the place of devolution; protections of equality and rights; privatisation of public services; the UK’s fulfillment of international obligations; procurement.
Coming before the House of Lords in September, this Bill will also be the subject of Scottish Parliament scrutiny and decision-making this Autumn.
This breakfast roundtable will be an opportunity to get clear and accessible information on the Bill’s details and implications.  It will also be an opportunity to ask questions, discuss key aspects and plan collaboration.
The roundtable will include a briefing from trade expert Dr Stephanie Switzer from University of Strathclyde, as well as from key organisations who aim to influence the Bill.

The roundtable will be 9.30am -11am with breakfast provided, 31st August in Edinburgh (venue TBC).  Email to reserve a place.


Image credit: NordForsk, Flickr