First Minister’s Advisory Group on Human Rights seeks views

The First Minister’s Advisory Group on Leadership in Human Rights is developing recommendations on how Scotland can continue to progress human rights in the future.

Some of their draft proposals include a new Rights Act for Scotland which could incorporate UN treaty rights into Scots law, including economic and social rights such as the right to housing or the right to health.

The Group may also recommend a new human rights body within the Scottish Government. It would have three core functions:

  • It would monitor and report to the Scottish Government, Parliament and the public what is happening with the rights transferred from the European Union to the UK Parliament following Brexit.
  • It would monitor and report to the Scottish Government, Parliament and public any relevant developments in rights within the European Union following Brexit so that consideration could be given as to whether Scotland should introduce similar rights where it has the powers to do so.
  • It would coordinate Scotland’s reporting to and implementation of recommendations from relevant European and United Nations human rights bodies so as to continually improve human rights in Scotland.

The Advisory Group are seeking views on these proposals. You can either contact them directly – see their details on their website at

Or fill in the online survey at:




Image credit: The Skint Dad Blog

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