Advice and support service for EU citizens in Scotland

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EU citizens in Scotland worried by the impact on their residency following Brexit are to be offered an advice and support service by the Scottish Government.

The service will be available at locations across Scotland. It will provide advice on rights and entitlements, based on an individual’s immigration status.

External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop said:

“Many EU nationals are concerned about still being able to access the NHS, schools for their children, housing and social security post-Brexit and the Scottish Government is committed to supporting EU citizens to enable them to continue to live, work and study in Scotland.

“We are concerned that there is a risk that people will miss out on applying for settled status for a range of reasons including vulnerability, financial problems, lack of awareness and understanding of the scheme and we have identified a clear need for the provision of accurate and consistent advice from trusted bodies.

“The information and services proposed by the UK Government do not go far enough and we do not believe they will provide the reassurance people need. This additional service will fill the gaps in the UK’s support for EU citizens and ensure that we can encourage as many EU residents in Scotland to remain in Scotland.”

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You may also want to read ‘A Guide to your rights for EEA/EU citizens in Scotland’ or watch this short Brexit explainer film for more information on the right to reside after Brexit.



Image credit: Matti Mattila, Flickr

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