Defending Human Rights: HRCS Roundtable, 2-4pm, 29th Nov, Edinburgh

Human Rights in bright lights

An exciting opportunity to hear firsthand about what it means to defend human rights in Scotland and overseas.

This event will look at what a Human Rights Defender is and the challenges that this brings, as well as the advice that Human Rights Defenders would give to others. There will be opportunity to discuss how we can strengthen the hand of Human Rights Defenders in Scotland, and outcomes of the event will summarised in a post-event report to inform future developments in this area.

Speakers will include:

  • a number of inspiring international Human Rights Defenders
  • Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament involved in the Human Rights Defenders programme run by the Children & Young People Commissioner Scotland
  • Davie Donaldson, campaigner for Scottish Gypsy Traveller rights
  • other Human Rights Defenders in Scotland.

Places at this event are open to representatives of civil society organisations -email to reserve a place.




Image credit: Timothy West, Flickr 

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