What has happened, and what needs done, to make sure that disabled people have their basic rights 

Logo of the UN Human Rights Committee

One year ago, the UN Committee on the Rights of People with Disabilities gave the UK recommendations on how they can better implement disabled people’s rights. Some of these recommendations were seen as a priority and to be reported on within one year. These areas were:

  • independent living and being included in the community,
  • work and employment,
  • and adequate standard of living. The UN Committee also focused on the impact of austerity measures in a separate inquiry into the UK.

Now, the UK Government has published its report on action to address these areas.  This report can be found here.

It outlines a whole range of policies, legislation and strategies at UK level as well as specific to Scotland, that have been taken.

At the same time, the UK’s Independent Mechanism (UKIM) – a grouping of the national human rights institutions including the Scottish Human Rights Commission – has published its report on progress.  David Isaac, Chair, said:

‘A year on from the damning UN verdict on the rights of disabled people across the UK, we have sadly seen little action or commitment to address the UN’s recommendations.

‘Changes to our social security system and health and social care budgets make disabled people feel like second class citizens and their rights to live independently have been impacted.

‘Everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living and the rights of disabled people must be made a priority if we are to have a fair and equal society.’

Read the UKIM report here.

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