Major court ruling on Brexit

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The European Court of Justice has ruled that the UK can cancel Brexit without the permission of the other 27 EU members.

The ruling also stated that this could be done without the terms of Britain’s membership being changed.

A group of anti-Brexit politicians – Andy Wightman MEP, Joanna Cherry MP, Catherine Stihler MEP, Ross Greer MSP, Alyn Smith MEP, and David Martin ME – and the Good Law Project argued successfully that the UK should be able to unilaterally halt Brexit.

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The Good Law Project now plan to ask Scotland’s Highest Court exactly what Parliament needs to do revoke the Article 50 Notice. You can find out more about that case here.


SCVO’s Anna Fowlie has called for Article 50 to be withdrawn to give more time for discussion and reflections, saying:

‘The priorities of Scotland’s charities are clear: a deal that protects human rights underpinned by EU laws; guarantees on funding that organisations rely on and a commitment that EU citizens can continue to live, study, work, volunteer and contribute in Scotland.’

‘Given Article 50 was triggered before the UK Government knew what it wanted to negotiate, it makes sense to buy back some time and ensure we’re not bounced in to rash decisions that would cause irreparable damage. The letter could, ultimately, be re-submitted after a period of serious reflection, contemplation and consultation. ‘

You can read the SCVO blog here.

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