New report: Black and Minority Ethnic Women in Employment

Close the Gap has launched a new report titled ‘Still Not Visible: Black and Minority Ethnic Women’s Experiences of Employment in Scotland.’ This report shows that in Scotland, Black and minority ethnic (BME) women face an intertwined set of gendered and racial barriers that affect their ability to enter, progress and stay in good quality employment. However, despite the importance of disaggregated data and qualitative information, there is a dearth of Scotland-specific research seeking to understand BME women’s experiences of the labour market.

While there are gendered commonalities in the experiences of all women in the labour market, BME women’s lived experiences of employment are also inflected by racism and, for some, Islamophobia or other religious discrimination. An intersectional approach to policymaking and employer interventions to advance equality is therefore critical.

You can read the full report here:




Image credit: The Skint Dad Blog

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