HRCS calls for action on prisoner isolation

Logo of the UN Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Consortium Scotland has written to the UN Committee against Torture to urge the Scottish Government to address urgent human rights issues.

The Consortium highlights the number of prisoners kept in isolation for unacceptable periods of time, with several cases of prisoners being isolated form others for over a year.

Other issues in the Consortium submission include the need for action to end destitution of those in the asylum system, the impacts of the shortage of legal aid lawyers, and the extent of prison overcrowding in Scotland, with a total of 1,420 prisoners currently held in doubled-up cells – cells meant only for one person that are housing two.

In May 2019, representatives of the UK and Scottish Governments will meet with the UN Committee and be asked questions on their actions to address torture and other inhuman, cruel and degrading treatment.  The UN Committee will then make recommendations to the Governments.

You can read the Consortium’s submission here.

You can read the Scottish Government’s position statement which reflects their contribution to the UK-wide report to the UN Committee here.


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