Grave concerns about rights after Brexit

Human Rights in bright lights

The Human Rights Consortium Scotland and SCVO have highlighted our profound concern about the protection of rights after Brexit.

Writing to the House of Lords EU Justice Sub-Committee, we have highlighted that this concern is shared by over 170 organisations who support the Scotland Declaration on Human Rights. Choosing not to retain the Charter of Fundamental Rights was very regrettable and a step backwards.  We want to see human rights protections strengthened, not undermined. We welcome plans to incorporate UN treaty rights into Scots law, including the UNCRC.

Further, we remain concerned that some of the impact on rights after Brexit is as yet unknown and is to be found in the detail of secondary legislation, UK common frameworks and trade deals.  It is essential that there is transparency and participation of civil society so that human rights are protected in all of these decisions.

You can read our submission here: HRCS and SCVO submission: Rights after Brexit




Image credit: Timothy West, Flickr