Calls to put the human right to food into law

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The human right to food should be put into law in Scotland to protect people from rising food insecurity and the impacts of Brexit, according to a new Scottish Human Rights Commission report.

The report also calls on public authorities to address inequalities in people’s access to adequate food.

The report highlights that today in Scotland that right to food is not being realised for everyone. Household food insecurity is unacceptably high. Children are experiencing food insecurity, with parents and carers too often relying on emergency food banks and going hungry during school holidays. None of Scotland’s dietary goals are being met and health inequalities are stark.

This call to put the right to food in law is echoed in a submission to the Scottish Government from the Human Rights Consortium Scotland, highlighting that the right to food should be the core of food framework legislation.

You can read the SHRC’s submission here.

You can read the Human Rights Consortium Scotland’s submission here.




Image credit: Michael Stern, Flickr

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