Elderly survivors of abuse while in care can apply for quick compensation

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Survivors of childhood abuse, which occurred in care in Scotland, can now apply for advanced redress payments. The scheme will be open to people who have a terminal illness or are aged 70 or over.
The Advance Payment Scheme comes ahead of the planned legislation for a statutory redress scheme, which will only be through Parliament by March 2021.

The payments have been set at a flat rate of £10,000 and will be ex gratia and discretionary.

A free telephone support line operated by specially trained staff will be available to help survivors with their applications – Tel: 0808 169 9740.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney told Parliament:
“We wholeheartedly accept the need to provide acknowledgement and tangible recognition of the harm done to children who were abused in care in Scotland, while acknowledging that such recognition cannot in any way take away the pain that individuals have suffered.
“We are all too aware that, because of their age or health, some survivors may not live long enough to apply to the statutory scheme.”

To be eligible for the Advance Payment Scheme applicants must either have a terminal illness or be age 70 or over, and experienced abuse while in care in Scotland before December 2004. For more details of eligibility and details, see here.




Image credit: Thomas’s pics, Flickr 

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