Human Rights National Taskforce starts work

A saltire flag against a blue and cloudy sky Image credit: Craig Chew-Moulding, Flickr

The Scottish Government has plans to put economic, cultural, social & environmental rights directly into Scots law. Following on from the First Minister’s Advisory Group on Human Rights Leadership recommendations, a National Taskforce has been set up to make this happen.

The Consortium is a member of this Taskforce, alongside the Scottish Human Rights Commission, the Equality & Human Rights Commission, COSLA and others -you can read more about it in Scottish Government news. Meeting for the first time on 2nd October, the Taskforce has begun initial discussions to set out a timetable and plans for future work.

Crucial to the law’s development and implementation are participation and capacity building. We need to make sure that civil society organisations are able to raise their voice and the voice of those that they work with in order to shape the future direction of human rights law in Scotland.

One way to keep in touch with opportunities to engage & the Taskforce’s plans is via the Consortium enews here.

Image credit: Craig Chew-Moulding CC by 2.0, Flickr

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