Celebrate International Human Rights Day! HRCS Members’ Roundtable, 10th Dec, Glasgow

This HRCS Members’ roundtable will be a great opportunity to get updated on human rights developments in Scotland.

The roundtable will:

  • consider human rights within the review of mental health law
  • look at rights in and after Brexit – what should we be concerned about? How can we raise our organisation’s voice in this? And in particular around workers’ rights – what is being proposed?
  • Incorporation Station will now be a regular Consortium roundtable feature – find out what’s the latest on building new human rights law in Scotland.

Members can also request 5 mins on the programme to update others on work related to human rights that they are involved in.

The roundtable will start at 10.30am, finishing at 1pm. Email hrcscotland@gmail.com to request a place.

Come and celebrate International Human Rights Day!