Home Office ‘re-set’ required

Balloons with words refugees welcome on them

Organisations have highlighted a number of failings of the Home Office. These include:

  • At least 38 of the 50 reports highlighted that the process of gathering relevant information from the applicant was problematic
  • A quarter of the reports noted that Home Office decisions rely on unrealistic and unlawful demands for evidence from asylum applicants
  • A quarter of the reports described Home Office decision-makers having a default position that people are not telling the truth
  • There is an inadequate learning culture with the Home Office failing to critically engage with evidence of system failures.

Authors of Lessons Not Learned report include Freedom from Torture and the Refugee Council, with five others. They argue that change is possible, but will only be delivered if there is commitment to a change in culture and approach from the very highest levels of government.

Image credit: Takver, Flickr

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