UNCRC to the max!

Picture of a gold medallion

The Scottish Government has made the very welcome announcement that they will directly incorporate the UNCRC to the maximum extent possible within devolution.

On 30th anniversary of the UNCRC, the Deputy First Minister said: “Our Bill will take a maximalist approach. We will incorporate the rights set out UNCRC in full and directly in every case possible – using the language of the Convention. Our only limitation will be the limit of the powers of this Parliament – limits to which many of us obviously object.

“This approach will mean that the Convention on the Rights of the Child is enshrined directly into Scots law. This represents a huge step forward for the protection of child rights in Scotland.

“Every devolved body, every health board, every council and the Scottish Government itself will be legally obliged to make sure they respect children’s rights. And, if they don’t, children and young people will be able to use the courts to enforce their rights. I hope the example of Scotland incorporating the convention will spur the UK and other countries to follow suit.”

The Scottish Government also published a summary of consultation responses around incorporating the UNCRC.

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