COVID-19 and the Right to Food Gap in Scotland, 29th July @ 4.30pm

Co-hosted by the Scottish Food Coalition and the Human Rights Consortium Scotland, this 1.5 hour long event will interrogate what Covid-19 has revealed about the importance of the right to food being realised in Scotland.

We are delighted to announce that our speakers will include UN Special Rapporteur for Right to Food, Michael Fakhri. Additional speakers will be confirmed closer to the date.

The current health crisis has exposed the many fault-lines in our food system. There is a significant support for ‘building back better’, but how can we ensure that recovery is founded in human rights, with social and environmental justice at its heart? Why should the Right to Food be incorporated into Scots law?

The event will include panelist presentations, a Q & A session followed by discussion.

Register for your free place here.

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