Scottish civil society using human rights for change

the words human rights with lots of different coloured hands

Click here to read our latest summary paper on the various ways in which civil society organisations currently use human rights to enact change in Scotland.

The paper is based on our experiences of working with our members and others, as they use human rights law, standards and approaches in their work. We have found that organisations use rights-based approaches not only because they represent best practice, but because they can be used to advocate for a sharing of power between the state (which makes decisions) and rights-holders (who are impacted by them).

Our summary paper contains real-life examples of how civil society organisations in Scotland have successfully used human rights-based approaches to achieve specific goals, including:

  • To empower particular groups to campaign for change
  • To hold Government to account on progress to realise human rights for all
  • To empower individuals to have a say in decision-making that affects their lives

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