All Our Rights in Law: Train the Trainer, 27th and 28th October

This interactive session is for civil society organisations interested in hosting a conversation about a new human rights law for Scotland.

The National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership was set up in 2019 to establish a new human rights framework for Scotland, which would incorporate key rights from international treaties into Scots law. An important aspect of this process is public participation, which will help to shape the new framework.

To this end, the Human Rights Consortium Scotland and Scottish Human Rights Commission are working together to deliver two virtual training sessions for civil society and community engagement professionals. These sessions are designed to give sector professionals the skills they need to facilitate conversations around human rights with the communities they work alongside, which will eventually inform the work of the Taskforce.

These sessions will provide an overview of:

  • Recommendations of the National Taskforce on Human Rights Leadership
  • Current human rights law in Scotland; what’s protected and what’s not
  • Proposals for incorporation of international human rights law into Scots Law and what difference this would make
  • Materials you can use to host a conversation about a new human rights law in Scotland

If you are a civil society professional who would like to host discussions regarding human rights, and would benefit from training on how to do so, please get in touch at

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