Brexit, Devolution and Rights: ‘Ensuring a ‘Race to the Top’ for human rights in a post-Brexit UK’ 8th December @3pm

This seminar will explore the positive human rights developments in each part of the UK, how these can be enhanced and replicated across the country, and what civil society and the public can do to support a race to the top for human rights as we leave the European Union.

Join us from 3-4:30pm on the 8th December to hear from the following speakers about how we can ensure a race to the top for human rights:

  • Mhairi Snowden – Human Rights Consortium Scotland (Chair)
  • Professor Alan Miller, co-Chair of National Taskforce on Human Rights Leadership, Scotland
  • Professor Colin Harvey, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Liz Shannon, Equally Ours, England
  • Prf Simon Hoffman, Swansea University, Wales

This event is part of the ‘Brexit, Devolution & Rights’ webinar series, co-hosted by the Brexit Civil Society Alliance, the Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit, the Human Rights Consortiums in Scotland and Northern Ireland and SULNE.

Click here to register for this seminar.

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