New Briefing from Professor Nicole Busby Explores Consequences of Human Rights Act Review

Professor Nicole Busby has written a briefing on the Independent Review of the Human Rights Act, focussing on the impact the review could have on human rights and devolution in Scotland. The Human Rights Act is a piece of legislation which incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law.

The Review will examine 2 key aspects of the Human Rights Act; the relationship between domestic and European courts, and the relationship between the judiciary, executive and legislature within the UK. As Professor Busby’s briefing explains, the Act has had a significant impact on human rights in Scotland, and any changes to it could disrupt the Scottish Government’s efforts to incorporate more human rights.

Writing for the Civil Society Brexit Project, Professor Busby states “The IRHRA [Independent Review of the Human Rights Act] does not, on the face of it, contain any direct threat to the continuance of Scotland’s human rights journey…However, the disturbance of any existing arrangements to the current structures within which the HRA operates risks unsettling the complex interaction between devolution and human rights which could give rise to a range of consequences for Scotland and her fellow devolved nations.”

Click here to read the briefing in full.

The Independent Review Panel has issued a call for views regarding changes to the Human Rights Act. Organisations have until the 3rd March to express their views. The Consortium will be collaborating with members to create a joint submission. If you would like to participate in this piece of work please contact us at

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