Heads of UN Announce Commitment to Children’s Environmental Rights

Last month (June 2021) the heads of several United Nations (UN) entities published ‘Step Up!’ a joint written commitment to promote the right of children, young people and future generations to a healthy environment.

The Joint Commitment has been endorsed by the UN Executive Committee, which is chaired by the UN Secretary General and is the highest decision-making body within the organisation. The 4-page document recognises the importance of taking action to slow the increase in global temperature, and to adapt to the effects of climate change. It affirms the right of children not only to grow up in a healthy environment, but also to participate meaningfully in decision-making processes related to climate action and climate justice.

The commitment was made in response to the UN Secretary-General’s recent Call To Action for Human Rights, which called for all countries to take rights-based environmental actions to protect future generations from the harms of climate change.

Click here to read ‘Step Up! A joint commitment by Heads of United Nations Entities’

Click here to read the UN Secretary General’s Call To Action for Human Rights

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