Scottish Civil Society Asks Important Questions Post-Brexit

A new report has been published, ‘Asking Some Important Questions: A Collation of Scottish Civil Society Questions for UK and Scottish Governments After UK Withdrawal from the European Union’, coordinated by the Human Rights Consortium Scotland, that highlights key concerns and uncertainties following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

It brings together the concerns of 10 key civil society organisations in Scotland, including Inclusion Scotland, Scottish Environment LINK and Scottish Rural Action. The questions posed address a broad range of topics – from the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, to the impact of Brexit on human rights progression; from EU citizen rights to future funding.

The report aims to seek answers from the UK and Scottish Governments to bring clarity and assurance of action on areas impacted by Brexit.

Click here to read the report in full

The report was part of the Civil Society Brexit Project, funded by The Legal Education Foundation. Find out more about the project and other resources at

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