New Briefings Offer Insight on Economic and Social Rights in Post-EU Scotland

Two new briefings published by the Civil Society Brexit Project offer valuable insight into economic and social rights in Scotland, and the extent to which we are keeping up with or falling behind the European Union in terms of realising those rights following Brexit.

The first of these briefings is written by Dr Rebecca Zahn of the University of Strathclyde, and discusses employment rights. Employment law is an area of law which is reserved to Westminster, so the briefing focuses primarily on whether the UK Government will change or repeal laws which came from the EU. EU employment law helped to protect workers from unequal treatment, poor working conditions and health and safety violations.

The second briefing , written by Dr Tobias Lock of the University of Edinburgh, offers a wider scan of recent developments and upcoming initiatives on social rights in the EU. It is designed to help civil society organisations in the UK to keep track of and understand new legislation, so that we do not fall behind on social rights protections.

Both of these briefings provide valuable information for civil society organisations in Scotland, and add to the large bank of resources already available on the Civil Society Brexit Project website.

Click here to read ‘Employment Rights After UK Withdrawal from the EU’ by Rebecca Zahn

Click here to read ‘Keeping Up with the EU: Developments in EU social law and policy’ by Tobias Lock

Click here to read more briefings and access other resources on the Civil Society Brexit Project website

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