Consortium Submits Evidence on European Union Continuity Act

Blue EU flag with stars

The Human Rights Consortium Scotland has responded to a call for views on the draft Policy Statement and Annual Report related to the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Act 2021. The Continuity Act aims to ensure that Scotland remains aligned with new legislation and standards coming from the European Union, in areas such as environmental protection, equality and human rights. It gives the Scottish Government the power to ‘keep pace’ with developments coming from the EU, using a fast-track process to quickly pass new legislation which would keep up with these developments.

In our evidence, we call for clarification on the technical details of how the Scottish Government will monitor EU law and policy developments, and how it would create new legislation.

We have also asked that civil society organisations be consulted on the use of these powers, in a way which is accessible and transparent.

Click here to read our evidence in full

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