The Queen’s Speech and Protecting Rights – lunchtime webinar, 25th May at 1.15pm

UK Government plans – as set out in the Queen’s Speech – will impact rights. Join this expert webinar to find out more.

This webinar is aimed at giving you short, insightful reflections on some of the BIG UK Government plans to keep an eye on.

Whether it’s the upcoming ‘Bill of Rights’, or new law on data, or law on procurement, or the Brexit Freedoms Bill or….

Join this panel webinar (while you eat your lunch?) to find out about the key issues that are ahead for your organisation to be informed about, & to get involved in.

The webinar will be chaired by Mhairi Snowden, Director of Human Rights Consortium Scotland, and speakers will include:

  • Catherine Barnard, Deputy Director of UK in a Changing Europe
  • Charlie Whelton, Policy and Campaigns Officer, Liberty
  • Kevin Hanratty, Director, Human Rights Consortium in Northern Ireland
  • Rosalind Stevens, Project Manager, Civil Society Alliance

*Register for your free place here*

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