Human Rights Bill Lived Experience Board Completes Second Block of Meetings

Last year, the Scottish Government announced its commitment to introduce a new Human Rights Bill for Scotland, which will incorporate 4 major human rights treaties into Scots law for the first time, alongside a range of other protections for the environment and minority groups. In order to ensure that the Bill is informed by the experiences of ordinary people, particularly those who have experience of their rights being threatened, the Government has funded the Human Rights Consortium Scotland to facilitate a Lived Experience Board, which has been meeting since February 2022 to discuss specific aspects of the Bill.

The group met for their second block of meetings in May 2022, and discussed the topic of Access to Justice in detail. In order for the Bill to be effective, it must ensure that ordinary people have access to justice when they experience violations of their human rights. They need accessible, timely and effective remedies.

The Board met again in June 2022, and the reports of those meetings shall also be published. The next meetings of the Board will take place in the autumn.

You can read or listen to the reports from the second block of Board meetings below:

Click here to read the long-form report

Click here to read the short-form report

Click here to listen to the short-form report in audio format

Click here to read the EasyRead version

Click here to read and listen to the reports from Block One meetings

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