123 UK Civil Society Organisations say NO to the Rights Removal Bill

The Consortium has signed a joint briefing for members of the UK Parliament returning from summer recess, along with 122 other UK civil society organisations, to ask that the proposed British Bill of Rights be withdrawn, and the Human Rights Act retained.

The proposed Bill of Rights is so regressive that civil society organisations from across the UK have dubbed it ‘the Rights Removal Bill.’ We have worked extensively with civil society to make the case that the Bill is divisive, will weaken human rights protection, and could harm devolution agreements between Westminster and Scotland. Now, we have joined a large network of civil society organisations co-ordinated by Liberty, to brief MPs on the harms the Bill could cause. The briefing offers wider context on how we got here, and then explains the impact the Bill could have on individuals, families, communities and even our democratic institutions.

Thus, we urge Members of Parliament to protect their constituents, to vote down the Rights Removal Bill and to retain the Human Rights Act.

Read the briefing, and see the list of 123 signatories, in full here.

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