Consortium Calls on UK Government to Take Action Following Universal Periodic Review

Credit sanjitbakshi, CC 2.0

A group of over 80 civil society organisations across the UK, including the Human Rights Consortium Scotland, has issued a joint statement following the publication of recommendations for the UK Government by the UN Universal Periodic Review.

The Universal Periodic Review is a peer-review process, whereby countries assess one another’s performance over a wide range of human rights standards. This year, the UK has been assessed, and the recommendations bring to light several urgent failings by the Government to meet international human rights standards.

Together, we have called on the UK Government to take action on these recommendations and improve its performance. Our concerns that the ‘Rights Removal Bill’ will undermine protections provided by the Human Rights Act are shared internationally, and we have also called for specific actions to be taken to protect children’s rights, and address poverty and hate crime.

Additionally, we have asked the UK Government to engage meaningfully with civil society and the people most affected by these issues when developing and implementing their plans.

By accepting and implementing the Universal Periodic Review’s recommendations, the UK Government can demonstrate its commitment to being a human rights leader on the global stage.

Click here to read the statement in full

Click here to learn more about the Universal Periodic Review

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